Resist Resisting

The message is everywhere: Resist.  

With the election of a new President of the United States, came overnight change, disruption, and a groundswell of fear for what’s to come over the next four years. Everywhere I turn: Resist the hate, discrimination, gas-lighting, alternative facts and attack on our constitution, personal values, and inalienable rights.  Amen. I totally feel you.

But, instead of resisting… I’d like to suggest something that on the surface might feel contradictory to your current inclination - Try going with the flow.

Before you roll your eyes and quit reading, please hear me out. I want to redefine resistance so we don't burn out!

I’m from the Law of Attraction camp and I’ve got mounds of personal evidence reinforcing the idea that what I resist persists.  So, instead of fighting the raging currents and battling upstream, I’ve personally chosen the path of least resistance to affect positive change in this country that I’m fortunate to call home.

I’m doing my civic duty and actively engaging in our democracy. I march. I sign petitions. I reach out to my state representatives. I participate in making my local community a better place. And, I partake in productive conversations (i.e. what are ways we can inspire people to be more tolerant vs. debating the likelihood that a giant wall is going to be built along the southern border of my home state). But, the kicker here... I don’t waste time in my day getting in the weeds about the President or his day-to-day activities. I don’t watch him act a fool at press conferences. I don’t follow his ridiculous Twitter feed. I don’t litter my own social world with memes about his spray tan, bad hair, and limited vocabulary. And I certainly don’t engage in hateful back-and-forths with his supporters. I simply can’t. It sends my blood pressure through the roof.

I learned that I can’t feed the narcissist sitting in the White House because it physically feels bad for me to do so.  All of those seemingly small engagements add up to a larger resistance within, that frankly, feels like shit.  You smell what I’m steppin’ in?

Those outwardly insignificant things… they matter. And they don’t affect The Donald in any other way, but to feed his narcissistic appetite for destruction. Who they really affect is you, me, our families, and our communities.  So, go ahead… resist, but find clever ways that make you feel good and joyful and that promote personal growth.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a long four years, my friend.

And when meditating and breathing through it isn't working (because it won't always), or when visualizing Trump becoming a true leader who cares about each of us fails you… Cannabis is a great chill pill.

If you’ve got questions about mindful cannabis use, ask them in the comments below. I’ll share what i know with you and the rest of the community.

Redefining resistance,